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If you’re an active woman in the menopause transition, you most likely need to be eating more protein. To optimize your body composition, longevity and overall health, keep reading. Why is protein so important in menopause?  The hormonal shift we are experiencing during the menopause transition puts us at risk for muscle loss. The loss […]

How to Eat 100g+ of Protein in Menopause

April 11, 2024

How to Easily Hit 100g+ of Protein a Day in Menopause

Hormones and Weight Gain Over 40 Your hormones influence your metabolism and body fat distribution. This means that if you’re a woman over 40 that’s suddenly starting to struggle with stubborn weight gain, chances are you are also beginning the onset of perimenopause and/or you are dealing with stress induced hormonal imbalances.  Many women think […]

Why Your Hormones are Causing You to Store Fat and How to Fix It

October 20, 2023

Do you want to have more energy than ever? You can, when you learn what carbohydrates to eat and when to eat them. This is especially true when you are over 40. You will effectively and sustainably reach your body composition goals! A client of mine recently lost 5 lbs in five weeks. That’s 1 […]

How Carbs Can Help You Reach Your Goals if You’re Over 40!

June 16, 2023

macro coach carbs to reach your goals over 40 with seana phelps